To all of my friends and family back “home”, Happy Canada Day.

Canada Flag - Open

I was speaking with someone about Canada last week and we agreed on a key point, when you are not living in Canada you become more Canadian.

Proud to be a Canadian. We lit off Tokyo’s version of fireworks last night, not the same as the monsters we use to set off in the backyard but an apt celebration (including sparkling sake).

Happy Canada Day!


If you are follower of the blog, apologies. You will see a whole bunch of posts showing up that are old.

When they transferred my blog from Live to WordPress (never should have used Windows Live Spaces) they put all old posts in “pending”. I am starting to go through them and put them back out there as a cousin is thinking about going into Sales and those posts are in the pending. They will show according to the original publishing date.

Just an FYI.


Different cultures have different traditions. I passed this sign the other day in Roppongi Hills and stopped short.


If you have not heard about the process of shark finning, read about it here. A terrible, cruel thing where they catch the shark, cut off it’s fins while it is still alive and then throw it back into the ocean to die a horrible, painful death.

If you are not convinced that this is truly barbaric, this 2 minute video should be enough to turn you off shark fin soup for good. Those big, bad, terrible sharks are disappearing at a rate of 250,000 a day through fishing, finning and as collateral damage from commercial fishing and face extinction if we don’t do something. How will the ocean ecosystem change if one of their top predators disappears?

Barbaric. But then so is tying a dog outside all year long and never giving it attention.

“Man is the cruellest animal.”  Friedrich Nietzsche

I won’t be eating there .. ever.

Please.. Pass it on.


I won’t be blogging this week .. But left a few shots of things that caught my attention in Tokyo. Sorry, iPhone configuration as the 5D was not with me.

This is how you fill 5 pots with herbs on your terrace when you own a mini in Tokyo. My SUV is back in Canada ….


This is a 3 colour bush beside an embassy in Tokyo. Some quality grafting.


I love the flower stalls in Tokyo. Spring has sprung, the streets are alive with colour.


Not sure why they wrote this in English on this Tokyo window, but I agree … “Peace”.


A bus parked outside an office building in Tokyo .. I don’t know why it is in English? (smile) It was a very “Japanese” neighbourhood. Traveling stomach x-rays anyone?


I was at a meeting at Canon and WISH I would have had my 5D to take some shots. Loved their old camera display .. Great cameras.


Last shot. No one in Japan wears bike helmets. The most amazing thing? Gaijin (like the guy in the middle) have adopted a “if you can’t beat them join ’em” attitude abandoning the helmet.

Just amazing that you see everyone wearing helmets in North America and then they come here and stop. (Insert shaking head in bewilderment). The irony? He had a face mask on.


Thanks for stopping by. Posts resume Monday.


What you don’t want to see during a Tokyo snow storm when you need to get to Narita to catch a plane.


The duck that I saw when I made my plane to Sydney through a snowstorm.


Fuji-san through my iPhone. I had my 5D, my 70-200m AND a 2X extender at the office this week and do you think I could get a good clear shot of the mountains during the daytime? Nope.



I spent 36 hours in Auckland, New Zealand recently sans a real camera .. so I snapped a few with the iPhone as I made my way around the harbour.




I don’t like the fact that Qantas is One World and not Star Alliance. Every time I fly them I feel like I am losing points … Good luck flying anything else in Australia.


I found this on a university paper when I was cleaning out our basement last summer. LOL.


From a golf tournament. I grew up a Calgary Flames fan. Love the moustache Lanny.


I don’t miss Canada very much. Friends and family. My morning hockey league. Certainly not the snow. And living on a golf course and golfing with my family whenever we wanted .. that was a nice perk. No .. that is not my pink cart. Mine is blue.



The Japanese love their anime. Facebook and their location services on my iPhone appear to have determined that I am a Japanese male (despite my English only settings) and are flooding me with cheesy girl anime ads.

No idea what this is or what it is for, but I find it a bit creepy. Kind of like Akihabara.