A few things I noticed:

  • A billboard for a new band called “One Sexy Zone” and the launch of their first album. I found the name odd.
  • It is November 1st and it will be 21 degrees in Tokyo. Yesterday a colleague said to me “So how do you like the Japanese winter, cold isn’t it?”. I had a tough time answering as I could not stop laughing. It is November. I am walking to work without a jacket … awesome.
  • In the US and Canada the east coast is deep into trick or treating. In Japan, people are heading to work. I walked into the Starbucks as it opened this morning (don’t ask about my Jura) and what did I hear? Christmas music. I … kid … you .. not. The only good thing? It was the album that took over the number 1 spot on my holiday music list last year. Zooey has an amazing voice. This year we will be spending Christmas on Hamilton Island next to the great barrier reef, so I will need to crack out the holiday music earlier this year.

A Very She & Him Christmas

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