If you are follower of the blog, apologies. You will see a whole bunch of posts showing up that are old.

When they transferred my blog from Live to WordPress (never should have used Windows Live Spaces) they put all old posts in “pending”. I am starting to go through them and put them back out there as a cousin is thinking about going into Sales and those posts are in the pending. They will show according to the original publishing date.

Just an FYI.

2 thoughts on “WHY THE OLD POSTS?

  1. Hi Michael

    I must admit that at first I was irritated but then after reading some I got hooked and found the sales talk quite interesting. Some very useful snippets in amonst those, especially seeing how I just opened an Ebay shop.

    • Sorry Simon! That is why I popped up the post. Didn’t realize that moving those old posts from “pending” to “published” would flood people’s email addresses. In fact, I had to sign up for my own blog to figure that out.

      Apologies, but glad a good thing came of it. Good fortune with the eBay venture!

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