Many months ago, when I saw New Kids on the Block’s Donnie Wahlberg singing one of his old songs as they launched their tour, I was left wondering ‘Really?’

Don’t get me wrong. I think the Wahlberg’s are talented actors. Donny is not as well known as his brother Mark, who seems to show up shirtless in movie after movie, but is very talented.

He starred in the short lived Boomtown (TV series) cop show (quickly cancelled despite being a great show) and his role in one of my all time favourite series Band of Brothers gets two thumbs up.

So when American Express sent me a note today offering me early access to tickets I was left wondering ‘Really’? I would go see BNL 20 years from now and I would gladly go catch the 30 year’s past their prime AC/DC crew on tour (I actually had tickets to shows in Toronto AND London for their last shows but was stymied by logistics). I loved watching Depeche Mode a few years ago, it brought back a lot of great University memories.

But a boy band?

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