The Australian papers are filled with anti-gun articles after the last US gun related tragedy. It is just so sad.

President Obama has yet to step up, afraid of the well financed military industrial complex and radical NRA who’s view is that this latest tragedy simply means that more people should be armed to protect themselves; including 6 year olds and teachers.

In Australia there were 30 gun related murders in 2010 after Prime Minister Howard had the moral courage to stand up to the gun lobbies. In the US: 10,000 over the same period. Canada is similar to Australia with roughly 50 deaths. The gun registry had reduced gun related deaths by 41 percent.

This is your chance Obama. Make the US a better place or bend to the will of the military complex that Eisenhower feared so much.

This isn’t about the constitution and the right to bear arms. This is about money and senseless death.

A time for courage to do what is right.

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