I realized the other day that I often do not wear a seatbelt during cab rides. When I reflect, I am not sure why that is. I wear one in the car at all times at home. Why not?

Well, my view changed a few weeks ago when speaking to a driver on the way to the hotel. When I asked him how his morning was going, he said well but that he was still shaken up from his last ride. He went on to explain that on his last drive to the airport the guy beside him was on his phone not paying attention to the road ahead of him and all of a sudden the traffic stopped ahead of him. He slammed on the brakes and, recognizing that he was not going to stop in time, swung into the lane beside him to avoid the car in front (missing by no more than an inch but putting the next lane in peril).

The driver ‘stood’ on his breaks and was able to stop a hair from the guy’s bumper and avoiding an accident (luckily, no one was close behind him).

An accident can happen anywhere. I have started wearing my seat belt in cabs.

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