We were out at a New Year’s party and a few people asked ‘What are your New Year resolutions?’ Without much thought I was able to answer ‘I don’t have any new years resolutions’


Not one.

Why? I don’t know. Could I use the change of the year as a catalyst for some personal change? Possibly. But, I don’t want to be one of those people who needs a date as a catalyst (only to break it). I prefer a set of goals that remain core to my daily life, providing a consistent and guiding theme over time. Those themes are:

1.       My wife, boys, family and faith

2.       Continual improvement (both skills and career)

3.       Fitness and health

4.       Have fun

The most common New Year resolutions from the US government web site:

  • Lose WeightPersonal philosophy, I wear the same pant size as 10 years ago. That is my litmus test, I will never change pant sizes. If I need to, time to lose some weight!
  • Pay Off DebtInteresting story: Was speaking with a woman who plays bridge and she was relating her experiences of playing with Bill Gates and others. At a bridge tournament she was by the pool with her little son and husband, sitting beside Warren Buffett. She stated that he and his wife are very down to earth, nice people who love kids and were paying attention to their son. Over time she worked up the courage to ask, with all of your wisdom and experience, what advice do you have for someone like me? He said many people will tell you to take out loans, keep a mortgage and invest. I say pay no interest to anyone. Get to debt free as fast as you can. 
  • Save Money :   Household saving has plummeted. Consumer debt is at an all time high. Interest rates are low, so why not spend? Here is a great no nonsense article on the implications of not saving .. and how to save. For me, I always look at our personal situation like this:  What if my income were to drop by 30% and interest rates went to 10%, what would happen? If I am secure in that situation, we are in good shape today. As for tomorrow, it is a simple calculation. How much money needs to go into savings and stock vehicles over what time with a conservative annual gain, to get us to retirement at 50?
  • Get a Better Job :   I am a personal services corporation.
  • Get FitI made that life change a year + ago.
  • Eat Right:   I say the worst thing we were every taught was that you need to clean your plate. Ever been at a business dinner? Clean you plate every time, double your weight. I would suggest, eat in moderation.
  • Get a Better Education: Always be learning is a philosophy, not a one time event. Read, take courses, watch others is my motto.
  • Quit Smoking Now:   Never smoked, thank goodness.
  • Reduce Stress Overall:   Good luck.
  • Reduce Stress at Work:   Maybe I will come work for this government organization, spending tax money writing articles on New Year resolutions. Seems low stress.
  • Volunteer to Help Others:    This is something I don’t do enough of, and is a longer term goal. Little kids keeps us busy, and I think it is different at each stage in our life. But, it is something that will change over time.

Happy New Year, BACK TO WORK!

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