One of the reasons why you travel to the Hakone region is for the views of Mt. Fuji. Fuji-san has been quite problematic for me, seems like whenever I have my camera it hides away. It is also the reason why the region is so busy and with Fuji-san’s new world heritage status, tourism is booming.

That being said, while we were there Fuji-san was nowhere to be seen, hiding in the dense cloud cover. Mt. Komagatake is supposed to be the best place to view Fuji from and as the cloud cover was so dense, the ropeway to the top was almost empty.

On the plus side, it meant no waiting .. we went up anyway. Configuration: Canon 5D Mark III, handheld HDRs and Canon 28-70mm f/2.8.

 2013 07 20  Mount Komagatake_

As you head up you see a golf course to the right. I think we will need to add that course to the list.

 2013 07 20  Mount Komagatake_-2

It was very, very foggy.

2013 07 20  Mount Komagatake_-27

Very, very foggy.

2013 07 20  Mount Komagatake_-31

At the top there are trails ringing the mountain with great views .. on any other day. I can honestly say that I fretted a little bit about getting lost. At one point, visibility was down to a meter or less.

2013 07 20  Mount Komagatake_-7

But the wind blew in and it started to clear (for 2 minutes).

2013 07 20  Mount Komagatake_-8

I would wager it is a good view on a clear day (smile).


We are moving offices in a few months. The great view of Mt. Fuji will be replaced by a different view.

Fortunately, Fuji-san finally came out and I happened to have my camera (Configuration: Canon 5D Mark III, 50mm f/1.2, shot handheld HDR).


The rest of the view. At the bottom is a huge cemetery. I need to get there.


If you look into the background, you will notice that Tokyo is ringed by mountains.




I will miss the sunsets ……


What you don’t want to see during a Tokyo snow storm when you need to get to Narita to catch a plane.


The duck that I saw when I made my plane to Sydney through a snowstorm.


Fuji-san through my iPhone. I had my 5D, my 70-200m AND a 2X extender at the office this week and do you think I could get a good clear shot of the mountains during the daytime? Nope.



I spent 36 hours in Auckland, New Zealand recently sans a real camera .. so I snapped a few with the iPhone as I made my way around the harbour.




I don’t like the fact that Qantas is One World and not Star Alliance. Every time I fly them I feel like I am losing points … Good luck flying anything else in Australia.


I found this on a university paper when I was cleaning out our basement last summer. LOL.


From a golf tournament. I grew up a Calgary Flames fan. Love the moustache Lanny.


I don’t miss Canada very much. Friends and family. My morning hockey league. Certainly not the snow. And living on a golf course and golfing with my family whenever we wanted .. that was a nice perk. No .. that is not my pink cart. Mine is blue.



I have the good fortune to have a nice view of Tokyo from our apartment and from my office. A few photos from the office in the Mori Tower, Roppongi.

2012 11 13 Tokyo_

Looking toward Mt. Fuji at different times of the day. I am glad I do not have an office with a window, as I would find it hard to not stare out the window for hours on end (Fuji-san is the bump on the left overlooking the city)

2012 11 14_-7

2012 11 14_-13

Or in this case, the “bump” in the middle.

2012 11 15_-26

2012 11 15_-29

2012 11 15_-41