The Japanese love their anime. Facebook and their location services on my iPhone appear to have determined that I am a Japanese male (despite my English only settings) and are flooding me with cheesy girl anime ads.

No idea what this is or what it is for, but I find it a bit creepy. Kind of like Akihabara.




There is a lot of talk about augmented reality and how mobility can provide depth to static media. I happened to be walking by the HP booth and there were a few people demonstrating the Aurasma application with a phone and iPad (Available on Android – iOS). Simply download the free application, point it at a Aurasma enabled item (Like an ad) and voila ….


The commercial value is enticing – I watched a John Lewis catalogue demo where you point it at the cameras and it brings up mobile ads and a ‘buy now’ button to take you to their website. The newspaper application is also interesting. And the creative opportunities are pretty interesting ….


And of course, you cannot go wrong with dinosaurs.