We watch the events of last week in Montreal where 12 kids were shot and 1 died and yet nothing changes.
I drive down the highway and watch a biker with his ‘Hell’s Angels’ jacket proudly displayed, and nothing changes even though we know that they are as strong a criminal organization as the mob.
Why do we need hand guns? I know that American’s look at gun as their God given right (Interesting, I wonder if one of God’s primary appointed human rights is the ability to kill). The right to bear arms and over throw the government if they are not happy.
I don’t get it. Why do we need them? Here is what I suggest:
1. Scrap the gun registry. Just ban all home retention of all guns.
2. You must keep your gun at a government licensed, monitored and secure facility, unless you have a legitimate use (i.e. farmer)
3. Want to go hunting? No problem, drop in and sign it out.
4. Hand guns? Sorry, they are not allowed out of the building. After all, you are not going to take down a duck with a hand gun, so it is purely for recreational shooting. So, keep it at the facility and shoot there.
5. Some punk caught with a hand gun? Lock your ass up and make you do really crappy jobs inside for 5 years (like sorting piles of manure), instead of giving you a nice cell with TV and a gym.
We have police to protect us. Guns should not be on the street. Canada should be the first step. Let the gun lovers go to the US with their 1/2 trillion a year deficit, poor to rich disparity and the ‘Christian right’ supporting republicans who support less government and no social assistance while spending like a drunk sailor who already spent his paycheck but has access to a pretty big credit line.
Ban all guns. The faster the better.
BTW, I have a federal arms license, and have owned 3 or 4 guns (much to the chagrin of my parents) and was an avid hunter and fly fisher in my youth. I just think it is pointless.

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