I type this as a public service announcement to others – so you do not have to spend 3 hours on Apple technical support for something that should take 10 minutes.

If your Finder stops seeing the network devices, it is probably a simple issue – the firewall. And yes .. before you say it … I should have thought of that way earlier into the process instead of blindly following the Apple level 1, then level 2, then level 3 technical support who never thought to try such an incredibly obvious element.

In my case, all of our devices are using McAfee All Access. Somehow (either by a router firmware upgrade or a McAfee upgrade), the firewall swapped the network from home/work to public, thereby blocking the local network.

Under preferences of the McAfee All Access console – simply change it back – under Type (right side).


Hopefully that saves someone else 3 hours.


Cleaning out my iPhone.

If it takes too long to shred documents you can always burn them. Before we moved to Tokyo I sorted and scanned a very large filing cabinet. I am sure the neighbours wondered what I was up to. I think this was 2008.


Why yes, that is Windows running on a Mac. Thanks for noticing. Mac still doesn’t have a great selection of games so a dual boot is required and I must constantly answer the question “Why didn’t we buy Alienware?”


In Japan when they tear down or build a building they use high tech scaffolding. Safety men everywhere. This is how they do it Hong Kong.


And this is how they make tea in Malaysia. It is a looooong pour. Tea and condensed milk. Is it better tea? Reality is that anything is better with sweet condensed milk.


A last Australia shot from Christmas. Waiting for a pizza on Manly beach. Great spot.