This time of year, due to their refusing to implement daylight savings time, the sun rises in Japan around 5:30am and gets earlier and earlier. At it’s peak, the sun will come up at 4:40am. It does not matter how good your blackout blinds are – when you have a full on tropical sun shining down on you (Tokyo “feels like” 40-50C in July and August), you are waking up.

The sunrises are beautiful, but I do not miss 4:40am sunrises.

2014 01 27 Tokyo skyline_

2014 01 27 Tokyo skyline_-2

2014 01 31 Tokyo skyline_-2

2014 01 31 Tokyo skyline_-2-2


Especially bright a few weeks ago. My first shots with the new Canon 28-300mm f/3.5 USM of the Tokyo sky. I have been reading about night shots. These were shot at f/22 with a long exposure to get the Tokyo Tower as clear as possible.

2014 01 19 Tokyo moon_-11

2014 01 19 Tokyo moon_-9

On this night the moon rose from the buildings to a crisp, clear sky.


I have decided that I will not “like” or comment on any photograph that is posted with an obnoxious watermark. Why do people plaster a word right across their photos? I had one photographer respond that it is easy to crop our a watermark in the corner. I get that, but in today’s digital mad world and with 500px out there, I could find 1,000 amazing photos to download if I wanted. If I like your photo and want it on my wall, I will buy it and have it professionally mounted.

I don’t know why, but I find it irksome if it is right across the photo (but then again, that is the photographers prerogative).

Perhaps I am missing something or simply not a good enough photographer to worry about others taking my photos. I definitely do not make a living out of it!

2013 04 07 Clouds_-26


We are moving offices in a few months. The great view of Mt. Fuji will be replaced by a different view.

Fortunately, Fuji-san finally came out and I happened to have my camera (Configuration: Canon 5D Mark III, 50mm f/1.2, shot handheld HDR).


The rest of the view. At the bottom is a huge cemetery. I need to get there.


If you look into the background, you will notice that Tokyo is ringed by mountains.




I will miss the sunsets ……



.. continuing on the theme. Canon 5D Mark III with my 24-70mm lens.

A full moon over Tokyo.


Sunrise off of a picture I love by Christos Palios.


Sunset reflections on Tokyo.


A cool sky that morning.



A not so cool sky the morning of the big storm. Getting to the airport was a nightmare.


But most often, Tokyo skies are clear. Especially this time of year. This weekend? 17C in February. Excellent.



I have been “playing” around with the HDR on my 5D Mark III. I definitely do not like the embossed setting, but the “natural”, “vivid” and “artistic” settings are interesting. I am torn between “vivid” and “bold”. All were taken with a 2 second delay (to avoid shaking), resting on a railing (I really need to replace my tripod). I did not mirror-lock.

HDR natural. It looks a little washed out.

2012 12 08_-3

Artistic standard.

2012 12 08_-4

Artistic vivid

2012 12 08_-5

Artistic bold

2012 12 08_-6

A new set. HDR natural …

2012 12 08_-7

Artistic standard

2012 12 08_-8

Artistic vivid

2012 12 08_-9

And last, bold. I don’t like the bold.

2012 12 08_-10

It definitely gives some cool effects, without the protracted editing phase. I figured out how to turn off the setting which keeps all of the originals (as it shoots 3 shots) which were filling my camera quickly.

2012 12 07_-2

2012 12 07_

A few more. The sunrise.

2012 12 05_

2012 12 05_-2

The sunrise clouds ….

2012 12 07_-4

The pink in the clouds is from the sunset behind me.

2012 12 06_

One more test, of Roppongi Hills and the Mori Tower (I deleted the embossed). I like the 2nd photo the best but I did not record the setting (smile).

2012 12 04_-9

2012 12 04_-10

2012 12 04_-11

We have come a long way on the camera front. Now if they would just build in the GPS ….


I have the good fortune to have a nice view of Tokyo from our apartment and from my office. A few photos from the office in the Mori Tower, Roppongi.

2012 11 13 Tokyo_

Looking toward Mt. Fuji at different times of the day. I am glad I do not have an office with a window, as I would find it hard to not stare out the window for hours on end (Fuji-san is the bump on the left overlooking the city)

2012 11 14_-7

2012 11 14_-13

Or in this case, the “bump” in the middle.

2012 11 15_-26

2012 11 15_-29

2012 11 15_-41