I have been “playing” around with the HDR on my 5D Mark III. I definitely do not like the embossed setting, but the “natural”, “vivid” and “artistic” settings are interesting. I am torn between “vivid” and “bold”. All were taken with a 2 second delay (to avoid shaking), resting on a railing (I really need to replace my tripod). I did not mirror-lock.

HDR natural. It looks a little washed out.

2012 12 08_-3

Artistic standard.

2012 12 08_-4

Artistic vivid

2012 12 08_-5

Artistic bold

2012 12 08_-6

A new set. HDR natural …

2012 12 08_-7

Artistic standard

2012 12 08_-8

Artistic vivid

2012 12 08_-9

And last, bold. I don’t like the bold.

2012 12 08_-10

It definitely gives some cool effects, without the protracted editing phase. I figured out how to turn off the setting which keeps all of the originals (as it shoots 3 shots) which were filling my camera quickly.

2012 12 07_-2

2012 12 07_

A few more. The sunrise.

2012 12 05_

2012 12 05_-2

The sunrise clouds ….

2012 12 07_-4

The pink in the clouds is from the sunset behind me.

2012 12 06_

One more test, of Roppongi Hills and the Mori Tower (I deleted the embossed). I like the 2nd photo the best but I did not record the setting (smile).

2012 12 04_-9

2012 12 04_-10

2012 12 04_-11

We have come a long way on the camera front. Now if they would just build in the GPS ….

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