This time of year, due to their refusing to implement daylight savings time, the sun rises in Japan around 5:30am and gets earlier and earlier. At it’s peak, the sun will come up at 4:40am. It does not matter how good your blackout blinds are – when you have a full on tropical sun shining down on you (Tokyo “feels like” 40-50C in July and August), you are waking up.

The sunrises are beautiful, but I do not miss 4:40am sunrises.

2014 01 27 Tokyo skyline_

2014 01 27 Tokyo skyline_-2

2014 01 31 Tokyo skyline_-2

2014 01 31 Tokyo skyline_-2-2


The time the sun rises in Tokyo. For some unknown reason Japan does not believe in daylight savings time. In Japan’s semi-tropical climate, no black-out blind every made can stop that UV 14 sun.

2014 04 17 Tokyo sunrise_

I wake up very early every day. I guess there are worse things in the world than sitting on the deck and enjoying a cappuccino to this sunrise.

2014 04 17 Tokyo sunrise_-4


The last time I was in 50C+ heat was in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. It was take your breath-away hot.

Last weekend the “feels like” temperature crossed the 50C boundary with the thermometer reading 45C and 45% humidity. This is what it looks like, earlier in the morning (I think the UV index is “instant burn”)

2013 08 09 Tokyo_

Across the street they are building a high-rise. In the middle of the day, in peak heat, they were working away.

2013 08 10_-16

I hope they are staying hydrated.



A colourful sunrise, via my Canon 5D Mark III shot using the internal HDR, handheld. I recently replaced my tripod, but grabbing it early in the morning is so much harder than simply shooting away. Canon has done a great job with the technology. Zero post processing.



Through the bushes.