I think that Yoyogi Park is one of my favorite parks. I love walking it. In Tokyo, people gather in the parks on the weekends. Families, friends, joggers, ninjas, cosplayers, dancers … everyone.

That is why it is such a great park, if you stop and look around.

2014 05 03 Cinco de Mayo_-35

2014 05 03 Cinco de Mayo_

There are many joggers holding a piece of rope between them. When I asked, it was explained that these people are jogging with a blind companion.

2014 05 03 Cinco de Mayo_-36

The bridge, that takes you to where the festivals are – on this day it was Cinco de Mayo day.

2014 05 03 Cinco de Mayo_-38

A few shots from Cinco de Mayo which was all about the food and .. of course, some dancing. It was amazing watching this woman balance the bottles. I wonder what made her want to learn this dance? She went to 8 bottles.

2014 05 03 Cinco de Mayo_-49

2014 05 03 Cinco de Mayo_-41

In Japan you will never be disappointed by the unique English translations.

2014 05 03 Cinco de Mayo_-51

You will never be disappointed by the food either.

2014 05 03 Cinco de Mayo_-47


Japan has reaffirmed my opinion, rap music is not to my taste regardless of language.

Config: Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 70-200mm f/2.8.

2013 08 17 Tokyo_-22

I enjoyed their enthusiasm and had a good chuckle at their creative intermingling of the f-word into the Japanese lyrics .. but the music hurt my ears. I stayed for a single Asahi super-dry under a nice Red Bull umbrella (thanks Red Bull, it was 42C)

2013 08 17 Tokyo_-23

2013 08 17 Tokyo_-24

Keep on rocking in the free world, young Japanese …


Tokyo is a big city and there is always something new to find. I decided to head over to Yoyogi Park area for a wander and came across a break dancing competition under the bridge. People were crowded around as this fellow spun the tunes.

2013 08 17 breakdancing_-18

Yes, breakdancing survived the 80’s. It started with 4 groups .. getting warmed up.

2013 08 17 breakdancing_

Then they broke into a competition. I stood in the middle and couldn’t help but think that this looked like some kind of dance off … like you have seen in movies (that you turn off). In person it is very entertaining. They were extremely talented and agile. 

A few shots as the two sides (left and right) went at each other.

2013 08 17 breakdancing_-19

2013 08 17 breakdancing_-20

A coordinated taunt.

2013 08 17 breakdancing_-21

As each new dancer started they would usually face the crowd and make a taunt or two before they began throwing themselves into it.

2013 08 17 breakdancing_-23

The crew on the right had a few kids in it. And the little batman took his turn.

2013 08 17 breakdancing_-24

2013 08 17 breakdancing_-29

If you are wondering about athletic prowess .. check out the height.

2013 08 17 breakdancing_-27

2013 08 17 breakdancing_-28

And then it was over, just as this fellow stepped out. He turned to the DJ and they all asked .. one more!

2013 08 17 breakdancing_-31

He has the hat for it and they let him go. Good thing they did, he was the best and what a finish.

2013 08 17 breakdancing_-32

2013 08 17 breakdancing_-33

2013 08 17 breakdancing_-34

Got to love Yoyogi Park .. even during Obon when half the city is empty.


To say that Tokyo has it’s “own sense of style” underplays the statement .. as does beating to it’s own drum.

Tokyo style is head-turning to say the least. Timeout Tokyo has a great series on the topic named style of the day, you can see the full series here.

This outfit makes complete sense, as he is in Yoyogi park.


This, surprisingly common, teddy-bear themed outfit does not make sense to me …. and these outfits are everywhere in Tokyo …


Foreigner in a foreign land ….



TimeOut Tokyo suggested the Earth Day market as a “what to do this weekend” so we headed over on the Sunday afternoon to explore. It was across the street from Yoyogi Park (we had to do some wandering to find it). There were street food vendors everywhere.


This was my lunch, BBQ squid.



The market was filled with colourful trucks, showing their wares.


The Love hut espoused ….


Be vegan, make peace.


Across the way, the Love Farm. Lots of love at this market. Mostly English love.


I could not understand what this root was from the vendor, but everyone was looking at it. Must be a good root.


The market itself was quite fun. Filled with an assortment of fruits, vegetables and “healthy” products. A nice way to spend a sunny January afternoon.



Yoyogi park is a park that is commonly written up in books on visiting Tokyo. Filled with eclectic people, right beside one of the most famous shrines in Tokyo, it is worth a visit.

What is now Yoyogi Park was the site of the first successful powered aircraft flight in Japan, on December 19, 1910, by Captain Yoshitoshi Tokugawa,[1] after which it became an army parade ground. During the post World War II Allied occupation of Japan, it was the site of the Washington Heights residence for U.S. officers.[2]

It was later the site for the main Olympic athletes village of the 1964 Summer Olympics[3] and the swimming, diving, and basketball venues. The distinctive Yoyogi National Gymnasium which hosted swimming, diving, and basketball was designed by Kenzo Tange for the Olympics,[4] and is still in use, but most of the area north of the gymnasium complex and south of Meiji Shrine was turned into a city park in 1967.[5]

Today, the park is a popular hangout, especially on Sundays, when it is used as a gathering place for rock music fans.[5] The park has a bike path, a public basketball court,[6] and bicycle rentals are available.

A few weekends ago we dropped over for Earth Day, which is a farmers market. We did not think that the bands would be there, they were. They were REALLY enjoying themselves.

2013 01 27 Yoyogi Park_-91

2013 01 27 Yoyogi Park_-81

It was a beautiful sunny day, and people were out in droves enjoying themselves. These lads were having fun with sticks.

2013 01 27 Yoyogi Park_-97


2013 01 27 Yoyogi Park_-15

Not really sure what these women were up to?


This man was entertaining people with his bubbles.

2013 01 27 Yoyogi Park_-70

It is still the winter (ish). So no roses.

2013 01 27 Yoyogi Park_-25

Some brilliantly colored graffiti under the bridge.

2013 01 27 Yoyogi Park_-27

2013 01 27 Yoyogi Park_-26

Cool place. Can’t wait to go for a wander in the spring.