Yoyogi park is a park that is commonly written up in books on visiting Tokyo. Filled with eclectic people, right beside one of the most famous shrines in Tokyo, it is worth a visit.

What is now Yoyogi Park was the site of the first successful powered aircraft flight in Japan, on December 19, 1910, by Captain Yoshitoshi Tokugawa,[1] after which it became an army parade ground. During the post World War II Allied occupation of Japan, it was the site of the Washington Heights residence for U.S. officers.[2]

It was later the site for the main Olympic athletes village of the 1964 Summer Olympics[3] and the swimming, diving, and basketball venues. The distinctive Yoyogi National Gymnasium which hosted swimming, diving, and basketball was designed by Kenzo Tange for the Olympics,[4] and is still in use, but most of the area north of the gymnasium complex and south of Meiji Shrine was turned into a city park in 1967.[5]

Today, the park is a popular hangout, especially on Sundays, when it is used as a gathering place for rock music fans.[5] The park has a bike path, a public basketball court,[6] and bicycle rentals are available.

A few weekends ago we dropped over for Earth Day, which is a farmers market. We did not think that the bands would be there, they were. They were REALLY enjoying themselves.

2013 01 27 Yoyogi Park_-91

2013 01 27 Yoyogi Park_-81

It was a beautiful sunny day, and people were out in droves enjoying themselves. These lads were having fun with sticks.

2013 01 27 Yoyogi Park_-97


2013 01 27 Yoyogi Park_-15

Not really sure what these women were up to?


This man was entertaining people with his bubbles.

2013 01 27 Yoyogi Park_-70

It is still the winter (ish). So no roses.

2013 01 27 Yoyogi Park_-25

Some brilliantly colored graffiti under the bridge.

2013 01 27 Yoyogi Park_-27

2013 01 27 Yoyogi Park_-26

Cool place. Can’t wait to go for a wander in the spring.

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