Not a tradition, but worth a post. We also booked out Stuart McLean’s Christmas show for a couple weekends from now and cannot wait. For those of you who don’t know Stuart, he is a Canadian storytelling icon. Sure, there are some who find his stories too sentimental, but in an age where the sense of community is quickly disappearing, it is a nice reprieve.

You can catch his podcasts here, or consider his Christmas CD filled with heart warming stories and humor or if you are in Canada, catch his tour … seems like he goes everywhere.




On Saturday we had the good fortune to see Stuart McLean at Convocation Hall. We had never seen his Christmas Tour and really looked forward to it. I have never been to what is essentially a book reading with a few talented musical guests, but 10 minutes into the show I was laughing so hard that it was difficult not to tear up. As a side note, I would say that he is also one of the most ‘gracious’ performers I have ever watched. He embraces the crowd and thanks them time and time again for helping make the performance special.

I remember 3 years ago, our first Christmas in the UK … reading Dave Cooks a Turkey while decorating the tree. A laugh out loud Christmas classic regardless of country.

I would highly recommend his podcast and just ordered the audio version of the Vinyl Cafe Christmas Collection. I need one great Christmas addition to the audio collection each year ….

Download - Stuart McLean - Vinyl Cafe - A Christmas Collection

I love Christmas. The panto is next week ….



From Stuart McLean’s Stories from the Vinyl Cafe:

Dorothy knew exactly what she was doing buying the dog. It wasn’t for company – although, at the time, the notion of having something in her life that loved and, more importantly, listened to her, was a comforting thought. She bought him because she didn’t want her life getting too easy. Complications were important. Without something messing up your plans you became self-centered. Then you became selfish.

Well put.