On Saturday we had the good fortune to see Stuart McLean at Convocation Hall. We had never seen his Christmas Tour and really looked forward to it. I have never been to what is essentially a book reading with a few talented musical guests, but 10 minutes into the show I was laughing so hard that it was difficult not to tear up. As a side note, I would say that he is also one of the most ‘gracious’ performers I have ever watched. He embraces the crowd and thanks them time and time again for helping make the performance special.

I remember 3 years ago, our first Christmas in the UK … reading Dave Cooks a Turkey while decorating the tree. A laugh out loud Christmas classic regardless of country.

I would highly recommend his podcast and just ordered the audio version of the Vinyl Cafe Christmas Collection. I need one great Christmas addition to the audio collection each year ….

Download - Stuart McLean - Vinyl Cafe - A Christmas Collection

I love Christmas. The panto is next week ….

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