I do not miss snow. Not a very Canadian thing to say but it is true. Snow is highly over rated. Great for winter sports, a nuisance for everyday life.

The winter has been mild in Tokyo – quite warm, in the 10C range until a few weeks ago when the city was hammered with two storms and a chill. The chill meant that the snow stayed around.

2014 02 14 Tokyo snow_-6

I arrived home from a long business trip to the snow and a traveler’s flu – unfortunately an all too common incident this year despite a regime of face masks, Cold FX, Zinc, hand sanitizer and vitamin water.

I looked out the window, the snow was falling and the trees looked beautiful but I was not up for venturing out (unfortunately). I did pull out the Canon 28-300mm and snap a few shots. It would have been magical clomping around in the night with a 50mm – an opportunity missed.

2014 02 14 Tokyo snow_-8

2014 02 14 Tokyo snow_-5

Snow can be beautiful.


Via my iPhone.

A very fast train (In China)


Excuse me .. I was looking for the Vitamin C aisle?


A friend told me it was –26C and snowing like mad in Calgary. I do not miss snow. I never need to see snow again. We had one day of snow in Tokyo last year, I did not like it. Shut the city down.


Just say “NO” to snow.


A snow storm is hitting Tokyo. A world class, inches on the ground, can’t see very far snow storm in a city with a) no snow plows b) no piles of salt for the roads and c) not many snow shovels.

Looking at the little trucks sliding around with their pencil thin wheels I would also wager there are not many snow tires on the road either.

Manic. Particularly crazy if you consider that I was on the deck yesterday afternoon with a beer enjoying the 13C sun on my face.

Reminds me of when NYC got a big dump and they called out the National Guard a few years ago. Where is the Tokyo National Guard when you need them?



It also reminds me of our time in England. Snow shut the place down. Tokyo isn’t a lot different, all forms of transportation are pretty much shut down.

The really bad thing is that today is a national holiday, adult day. This is where people who are 20 dress up and celebrate becoming an adult. It is a big deal and a snow storm has to be messing with a lot of celebrations.





Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Quebec City for the first time (I know – how bad is it that it has taken this long?). My boys have both taken trips to the city and raved about how great it is. Like Montreal, it is one of the few cities in North America that has that ‘old world European’ feel to it. So, I was excited. While it was a busy day, I figured that at a minimum I would get to see some of the architecture as the primary meeting was set in the core of the city.

Instead, I got this. The first shot was from the airport as I disembarked. That is a very big front loader struggling to keep up with the forecasted 30cm of snow on the way.


This is picturesque Quebec City in a snowstorm. About 30 meters of visibility. All schools closed. Sliding cars.


And this is the first Dash 8 that I was EVER happy to be on. All flights to Toronto were cancelled (Why? I have no idea. It was not snowing in Toronto). But they were flying to Montreal (full) and Ottawa, so I jumped on an Ottawa flight. I have flown on a lot of Dash 8’s over the years (If you ever fly from Halifax to any of the other Atlantic provinces, it is usually on a Dash 8), they are noisy, bumpy and I am not quite sure if they are actually heated. But one thing that is great about a Dash 8 … they are the regional/bush work horse. So as we approached, I knew one thing …


No matter what Mother Nature threw at us, this thing was taking off. And it did. Perhaps I will see some of Quebec City’s beauty next time.