I do not miss snow. Not a very Canadian thing to say but it is true. Snow is highly over rated. Great for winter sports, a nuisance for everyday life.

The winter has been mild in Tokyo – quite warm, in the 10C range until a few weeks ago when the city was hammered with two storms and a chill. The chill meant that the snow stayed around.

2014 02 14 Tokyo snow_-6

I arrived home from a long business trip to the snow and a traveler’s flu – unfortunately an all too common incident this year despite a regime of face masks, Cold FX, Zinc, hand sanitizer and vitamin water.

I looked out the window, the snow was falling and the trees looked beautiful but I was not up for venturing out (unfortunately). I did pull out the Canon 28-300mm and snap a few shots. It would have been magical clomping around in the night with a 50mm – an opportunity missed.

2014 02 14 Tokyo snow_-8

2014 02 14 Tokyo snow_-5

Snow can be beautiful.

3 thoughts on “TOKYO SNOW

  1. I hope you feel better by now. Yes, a long distance travel give one all sorts of trouble. I came back with a stomach flu and ended up visiting my GP. The photos are beautiful! I love looking at snow too. The snowy nights are quiet and have some magical moment, don’t they? However, my mum in Nagano tried to arrange some flower for my dad’s friend’s funeral but was told there wasn’t any fresh flowers available because of the last heavy snowfall. All the greenhouses were flatten by the snow and temporality out of service! The repercussion of the bad weather is still shouldered by so many people directly or indirectly. I hope your life there is not affected too much.

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