A snow storm is hitting Tokyo. A world class, inches on the ground, can’t see very far snow storm in a city with a) no snow plows b) no piles of salt for the roads and c) not many snow shovels.

Looking at the little trucks sliding around with their pencil thin wheels I would also wager there are not many snow tires on the road either.

Manic. Particularly crazy if you consider that I was on the deck yesterday afternoon with a beer enjoying the 13C sun on my face.

Reminds me of when NYC got a big dump and they called out the National Guard a few years ago. Where is the Tokyo National Guard when you need them?



It also reminds me of our time in England. Snow shut the place down. Tokyo isn’t a lot different, all forms of transportation are pretty much shut down.

The really bad thing is that today is a national holiday, adult day. This is where people who are 20 dress up and celebrate becoming an adult. It is a big deal and a snow storm has to be messing with a lot of celebrations.



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