The problem in my house is that I made ONE mistake with regard to movies/TV and I cannot live it down. That mistake:

“Come on. I remember this movie. It is amazing. It was the first of it’s kind. You have to watch the original TRON with me”

I can admit I was wrong and I was VERY wrong. My rose coloured view of TRON has been tainted by age, time; remembering my youth and the beginning of science fiction movies.

Unfortunately, it was awful. The acting is bad and the effects may have been great for the early 80’s, but they just look bad now. So in our house whenever I suggest anything that is older than 5 years I get the “Seriously? You told us TRON was good and look how that turned out”.

Which brings me to Seinfeld. I am going to try it with my teenage boys, to see if it is dated or still funny. I know that reading The Economics of Seinfeld still makes me laugh. I saw Jerry Seinfeld at a charity event a year ago and it was great. I just don’t know how it will turn out.

You tell me, will it work or am I making another TRON level mistake?