Bali is a lush and beautiful country and one of the “must do’s” is to stop at a small town with the rice fields new Ubud. You look out on the river flowing through the terraced fields .. and all you see is green. As viewed through a Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 28-70mm f/2.8, mostly shot in handheld HDR.



You hike down one side, cross a bridge and hike back up to the other side. Along the way there are a few farmers collecting “donations” .. donation 1 was at the bridge.


It is quite steep.




Row upon row of rice, with carefully crafted ledges around each terrace to keep the water in.



And a simple mode of getting the water from level A to level B.


What is at the top of the hill?


Nothing but a great view of this spider, who is almost impossible to spot .. even after I edited the photo to bring out highlights and confirm that she/he was the focus point.


A great hike.



My blog entries on Banff are a bit scattered. One of the best hikes that we took while in Banff National Park was Johnston Canyon. It was an overcast day, but we were up for it. Judging by the parking lot, it is a popular hike.

You have a few choices on this hike, a 1.1 km hike to the lower falls, a 2.6 km hike to the upper falls or a rather rigorous 5.6 km hike to the Ink Pots. We chose to go all the way.

2010 07 Johnson Canyon  (35)

It is a beautiful climb.

2010 07 Johnson Canyon  (3)

2010 07 Johnson Canyon  (10)

2010 07 Johnson Canyon  (12)

The inkpots at the end of the climb are not really that magnificent, but interesting. Seven mineral springs that bubble and swirl non-stop in big pools.

2010 07 Johnson Canyon  (16)

But the view of the valley at the top is spectacular.

2010 07 Johnson Canyon  (20)

Of course, the water is cold and the purest you can get.

2010 07 Johnson Canyon  (34)

After leaving the canyon we happened upon a herd of sheep trotting down the road, unperturbed by the cars all around them.

2010 07 Johnson Canyon  (39)

A great day out.