People often ask me “is Japan expensive”? Yes and no. For example, down the street there is an amazing sushi vendor who has wonderful fresh sushi for very reasonable prices; 6 maki rolls for $3 or $4 and a nice sushi plate for $11. Right beside it is a noodle restaurant where prices range from $8-$12 and the food is fantastic.

However, some things are expensive such as apartments as real estate is at such a premium and apparently cats – very expensive at some shops.


For my Canadian friends … that translates to $13,075.

THERE AROSE SUCH A CLATTER … (from the archive)

I ran downstairs to see what was the matter … it was about the right time (11:55p,m) but 2 weeks too early?
Could it be Jolly ole St. Nick? Was it his team jumping around delivering presents?
Nope, it was my 12 foot tree sprawled across the living room, glass everywhere … and a very guilty cat sitting beside it. I know those cats laugh at me …. This is the first year I did not tie it to the wall (I was questioning whether or not it has an impact. I now have the answer to that question).
This is a cursed tree.