I wanted to expand on the losing weight comment and how it relates to business (See yesterdays blog). In business, we are always going to lunches and dinners which are killers to the waist line. For a few key reasons:

1.       Most people don’t know how much they are eating:  In the January issue of Men’s Health they did a survey of people to determine if they were aware of how many calories are in what they eat (With an eye to the average of 2000 calories per day for a male). I was a bit shocked by the number of calories in some dishes:

a.       Hamburger and Fries: Average guess was 777 calories. Actual number: 1,240.

b.      Fettuccine Alfredo (One of my favourite dishes): Average guess was 704 calories. Actual number: 1,500 … YIKES.

c.       Chicken Fajitas (A Jack Astors favourite of mine): Average guess was 704 calories. Actual number: 1,660 calories.

A friend of mine recently told me about his Maynards Wine Gums experience. He was gaining weight and changing his diet to fix it. One of his vices were 1lb bags of Wine Gums from Costco. At Christmas he had a shock, 12 wine gums have 165 calories. Imagine how many calories are in a 1lb bag!

2.       Most people clear their plate:  It is the depression era, right thing to do! Be thankful that you are not a child in the 3rd world who is starving is what they would say! Clean you plate to show thanks for the blessings we have been provided they would say!

Now apply that logic to a business meal. Appetizer. Entree. Dessert. Drinks. 2000 calories? In a single sitting. It all adds up.

For me, I have implemented the pant waist size warning system to ensure that I am on the right track (I have worn the same pant size for 10 years and it will never change), I exercise a few times a week (It varies, 2, 3 or even 5 times a week depending on life’s schedule) and don’t clean your plate!

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