As I walked the recycling out yesterday (there was lots, we hosted the family this year), I reflected on how blessed we are in Canada and how fortunate our family is. On Christmas Eve day (awkward description) I was emailing and old high school buddy back and forth.

He is a Major in the Canadian Forces and near the end of the exchange; he mentioned that he is off to Afghanistan in January. He will leave his family and non-military friends behind for 9-12 months and face a wide range of dangers.

I am sure that through 2007 I will think about what he is going through over there. An enemy that is disguised within the general population; snipers, random suicide bombings and many other things.  What was interesting was his perspective on the Afghan people (one that I have heard before). These people do not know normal, it is not part of their history. They spent a decade with the Russians, then it was the Taliban and now it is random chaos where the things that we take for granted are luxuries (like electricity and running water).

Prayers are with him and his comrades, doing the work that our government has set in motion while we enjoy the benefits of freedom and an evolved civilization in North America.

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