Over the last few months I have attended a bevy of shows, simple reviews as follows:Radio City Christmas Spectacular:  We ordered these tickets over a year ago. The person in charge of ordering the family tickets called us up last December 5th just before we headed to Toronto to tell us ‘STOP! I just looked at the tickets and they are for 2006’, making this show a long time coming. Billed as ‘America’s most beloved holiday theatrical’, it lived up to the claim.  It is filled with singing (As my wife called it – a more professional Up With People), dancing and the Rockettes (who are quite the dancers but I will admit that 2 of their dancing can-can  (sp) lines was enough).

The finale was refreshing. After a show filled with Santa and holiday fun, the nativity story was told in a very solemn manner with all of the trappings (Live camels, sheep … every facet was complete). Very powerful. It is nice to see that in our culture where the word Christmas is becoming verboten, that one show retains the true meaning. As a funny aside, I can remember when my son was in Grade 1 and the teacher asked ‘What is the true meaning of Christmas?’.  She was surprised when he said ‘It is when Jesus was born’.

A great family show. Worth waiting a year for (LOL).

Spamalot:  We went with friends and our expectations of this show were as follows ‘I expect to laugh my a$$ off for the next 2 hours”. We were not disappointed. There are two types of people in this world, people who love Monty Python and people who hate Monty Python. I have never met someone who said ‘I kind of like it’. It is not that type of humour. Well, if you love Python, then you will love this show. The play is adapted from Monty Python and the Holy Grail(Which my brother and I watched at least 50 times) but has a range of great adaptations (The Finland opening had me cheering from the start and make sure you read the program (Moose trainers and all!)). Expect to see all your favourite scenes: The black knight, Lancelot storming the castle to save the ‘Damsel’, the dialogue between Arthur and the peasant who wants to understand how Arthur became king when he ‘did not vote for him’ and of course .. the killer bunny.

Raving praises for this show. I would see it again, in a heartbeat.

Wicked: I will admit, I grow weary when watching a musical .. and by the end, I was done with the signing. But, it is a great play. It is the story of the wicked witch of the west, from her perspective. I will not ruin the story, which is an adaptation of the book Wickedwhich takes the Wizard of Oz and turns it on it’s head. The play is full of social commentary, the most powerful being how the perception of evil can twist what is really evil. I always knew that the Wizard was a fascist!

In the end, I would suggest that it is a must see. A great story, with just a little too much singing (smile).



Lucky for me .. 3 shows, all excellent in very different ways.  


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