Well, my personal travel laptop (Windows 7) just bit the dust. After spending a night thinking about it I replaced it with a MacBook Air. I use an Air at work and it will result in me traveling with one less charger.

The other deciding factor was Time Machine. It works so well, especially if you are traveling like me ..  you can never backup enough.

But the Apple vs Windows war isn’t over. My sons have become PC gamers again, the XBOX is gathering dust. In fact when discussing the hype of the XBOX One, the boys concluded they are no longer interested, which surprised me. When I was at Microsoft I remember hearing stories about Robbie Bach fighting the internal MS machine to keep the XBOX a gaming focused device (The Windows team wanted it to run Windows). Now that he is gone, it seems that the device is slowly starting to lose focus and get lost in MS’s confusing consumer strategy. Too bad, it is a truly great platform.

According to our in-house experts, gaming PCs using Steam offer better games, better graphics, these insane "sales" where they can pick up new games for almost nothing (75 percent off is not uncommon) and instant access via high speed download.

The PC isn’t dead in our house after all.