I came across this site while listening to the BBC World new. The UK government has put ‘1,000 years of national government documents’ online for everyone to use. They are also seeking people’s insight and support, if you see a picture that you recognize they encourage input to help them collect more data on the who, what and where.

In the African site you see pages and pages of colonial era photos, now posted on Flickr. I found the letter from an employee to employer with regard to his ‘dejobment’ fascinating; note the number of children that he has brought into this ‘vale of tears’. I wonder if he was ever ‘rejobulated’? (Although I would wager that using the word homicide in a letter cannot increase one’s odds).

I hope they post more pictures of Egypt. I cannot imagine living in those times, where there were no barriers and people would still climb the pyramids.

Of course it would have taken a month by boat to get there ….

Amazing raw insight into the past.