This fellow had it all going on. He was driving barefoot, had things dangling everywhere in the taxi, 2 CB radios and no less than 10 cell phones; not a single one manufactured after 2007 or 2008.

I had gotten into quite an eclectic taxi.

2013 04 10 Hong Kong _-40

I smiled when I looked over the seat. He had a lot of things plugged in.

2013 04 10 Hong Kong _-68



I noticed while popping around Sydney last week that the front seat of the cabs were set back. It made it uncomfortable to sit in the back due to the narrow leg room.

So I decided to jump in the front seat (something you just do not do in North America) and ask “Do your customers sit in the front or backseat in a taxi?”

His first answer was noncommittal, “Wherever you like”

I asked again “Where do most people sit?”

He smiled and said “The self important ones sit in the back seat”