Every year I make a point of getting over to the NTT booth – there is always something “way out there” and someone who can barely speak English ready to try and explain it.

This year’s interesting item was a series of sensor cases that you insert your smartphone into. A ‘breath sensor’ (for halitosis and alcohol), a weather sensor and a body fat sensor.


I had to try out the body fat sensor. You start by adding in parameters (Which was harder than it should of been as I still think of height and weight in Imperial – not metric) and then you put 4 fingers on these mental contact points on the sensor. Basically you hold it like a point and click camera. He explained that it sends a current through the body and by measuring resistance they make the calculation. My measurements are below … who knows if it is accurate.


Right beside it was the NEC booth and the marketing display caught my interest as it was profiling people as they stood in front of it. These have been popping up over the last couple years and it is pretty clear that they have some additional work before they hit primetime … look down the left panel and my multiple ages/impressions. I did not move from the same spot and it just kept re-profiling me, and of course I am not female (smile).


The last one that caught my attention was a docking station for your mobile phone. It caught my attention because I still can’t figure out why I would want one?


Congrats to GSMA, another great show. Learned a ton.