Mount Fuji continues to elude me. Bring my camera, clouds role in. Don’t bring my camera .. clear as a bell. On this day I thought that Tokyo could double for Gotham city.

Shooting with my Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 28-70mm f/2.8. A mix of handheld HDRs and RAW.

2013 03 18 Tokyo_

2013 03 18 Tokyo_-7

2013 03 18 Tokyo_-9

The weather has been odd in Tokyo. I am told it was an extra cold winter, but that it is also warm earlier. This means the trees are blooming weeks earlier. As I walked home with the wind blowing, I clicked off a few pictures.

2013 03 19 Tokyo_

2013 03 19 Tokyo_-9

A school yard.

2013 03 19 Tokyo_-12

Walking a dark path. Not scary in Tokyo.

2013 03 19 Tokyo_-14

Trees in bloom.

2013 03 19 Tokyo_-2

2013 03 19 Tokyo_-6

2013 03 19 Tokyo_-7

Beautiful time in Tokyo.