Costa Rica claiming 25% of the worlds biology is not hard to swallow after you stroll through the jungle. In Canada, we have many different flowers, insects and mammals. But their coloring is much more subdued. Not so in the jungle, on the trip we saw all range of color – from bright colors to metallic.

Everyone knows about the beautiful parrots, macaws and like. There were beautiful birds everywhere. The key thing about spotting something in the jungle is not as much your eyes as your ears. I spotted all of these birds by their sound as they flew in and rustled the branches, or with the case of one bird pair … as they ate fruit and drop the rinds to the ground, through the jungle canopy.

2010 March 18 Toucan_-4-2

A dragonfly with fluorescent wing tips, just like in Avatar.

2010 03 16 17 19 Costa Rica_-2

I don’t remember all of the names (I have a laminated card in my office somewhere) .. but below are a few more colorful jungle inhabitants. The fiery billed Aracari.

2010 03 18 21 18 Costa Rica_-8

The vultures wing span had to be 8 feet. They just floated over us, day after day.

2010 03 18 22 40 Costa Rica_

A poison dart frog.

2010 March 18 poison dart frog_

The 8 foot Boa that spent the entire time we were there hanging out in the restaurant. In this shot, he was looking down on the men’s toilet ….

2010 March 21 Boa_-3

2010 March 21 Boa_-2

I spotted this Parrot hanging out eating fruit over our room.

2010 March 22 Parrot_-4

20100322 2202 Costa Rica-2

As we hiked, we got lucky. The Trogon is not easy to see.

20100322 1834 Costa Rica

Your room was properly protected with screens. But they always find their way in. This grasshopper was the purest of green.

20100322 1354 Costa Rica

You don’t see metallic green bugs in Canada. It was about 10’ off the path and I just couldn’t stop marveling at the color.

20100322 1629 Costa Rica

20100323 1318 Costa Rica-3

This dung beetle is brightly colored for a reason. Touch it and enjoy a noxious reward.

20100322 1717 Costa Rica-3