It is a colorful city. Config: Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 28-300mm f/2.8 USM.

2014 01 01 Bangkok_-52

2014 01 01 Bangkok_-53

2014 01 01 Bangkok_-66

Sitting in one of the canal locks (there are many).

2014 01 01 Bangkok_-70

2014 01 01 Bangkok_-71

You also see some interesting wildlife on the canals. To answer your question, yes – it really is that big. This is not the zoom making it look bigger.

2014 01 01 Bangkok_-47


The geckos were a frequent sight at Lapa Rios; on the path, on the deck of our villa, in the jungle. One fellow visited us every single morning as we enjoyed Costa Rican coffee and the sunrise (one of the best resort items – coffee delivered to your door at 6AM). His coloring was breathtakingly beautiful.

2010 costa rica 3 21  (12)

Others hid on the trees or stopped to let me snap a photo (smile)

2010 03 16 17 25 Costa Rica_

2010 03 17 15 34 Costa Rica_

In the evening, there would be 10 clustered around the outside light. I would imagine it made hunting insects easier. Very beautiful, and SO fast! I would imagine they need to be with all the birds around … or this fellow (who I saw a few times around the pool) … He had to be a meter long …. And man was he fast. He was up a tree in seconds.

2010 March 17 Iguana_