Over the uber-weekend, we also spent some time playing the new Kinect and I have to say, I am blown away. This is the type of gaming experience that we have been talking about for decades. Movies and a vision come to life. The most amazing thing being … it will only get better. This is just the start.

It seems like there are few other’s sharing that opinion. As stated in the HBR article Countering the Excuses for Avoiding Social Media (and Video Games):

The release of the Microsoft Kinect last week once again forced me to confront my double standard. Faced with the widespread accolades for this “revolutionary”, controller-free gaming system, I felt like even a skeptic like me had to take it for a spin.

The experience was in fact revolutionary enough to inspire a set of 10 predictions for how the Kinect will change our world in the next decade.

I would agree. It is revolutionary. Who knows what they will be playing on 20 years from now? After all … 20 years ago, we were just emerging from the Atari era ….

As an aside, the article isn’t about the Kinect – that is just a side note. The article is about people who say that they are ‘too old’ for social media and how the author used the same rationale for video games, to her detriment.



Microsoft may be struggling with a few of their products and people, but one thing that isn’t struggling is the XBOX. The now departed Robbie Bach did an amazing job to ensure that the product lives on in greatness. Our Wii continues to gather dust ….

I pre-ordered our Kinect about a month ago, good thing as it is selling out already. It looks like a break out experience and the start of a whole new mode of gaming. Truly hands free control that has been envisioned in movies for decades.  Personally, I am really looking forward to the many fitness programs, already have the basement set up for it. Glad I didn’t order the Wii Fit. It looks truly amazing.


Now if the could just make a P90X version ….