I spent last week traveling (A lot of miles) and every time that we took off I had the same thoughts:

  • I can wear ear buds at take off but not headphones.
  • I can read a book but not a book on my tablet. Wouldn’t a full size book be a much heavier projectile in a crash than my tablet? (Or at least the same) 
  • I cannot operate my phone on take-off but at 5,000 feet I can get a signal which must mean that the aircraft’s equipment is constantly being bombarded by signals – with or without my phone off. When my phone is on does it really jeopardize the effectiveness of the airplanes navigation systems? (If so, be very afraid ….)

I just don’t understand why. According to this article:

Decades ago the US Federal Aviation Administration and the Federal Communications Commission determined that electronic devices could send signals that would interfere with the equipment on a plane, officials said. Therefore, all electronic games, MP3 players and laptops have to be turned off until the plane gets above 10,000 feet.

Mobile phones are not to be used for calls or Internet use on a cellular network anytime the plane is in the air, though they can be used in “plane mode” for such activities as playing games or updating one’s calendar.

Not considering an Alec Baldwin, just perplexed.