The website goodcleantech follows everything environmental including the bad (like the hotel in Dubai that plans on refrigerating the beach) and the good like the Energy Ball, a small wind turbine for the home:

The Energy Ball might not look like a wind turbine at first glance, but in truth, it’s a highly-efficient turbine that’s perfect for residential homes. The circular turbine makes use of the Venturi effect that’s the fluid pressure when a liquid that can’t be compressed passes through a constricted part of a pipe. Using the Venturi principle, Energy Ball channels air "through its six blades and around its generator," according to Inhabitat.

What’s great about how the Energy Ball works is that it can be used and can generate energy even in low wind speeds. As such, the wind turbine is perfect as an energy solution for houses, public facilities, schools, and other venues. In addition, Energy Ball operates in relative silence so no one would be complaining about turbine noise near installations.

At some point when we land we are planning to build a new home and energy management will play a big part of the design (right behind the No.1 item which is the media room). The biggest energy pet peeve of mine is heating a pool. At our last house it drove me crazy that the air conditioner blew heat out of the top and the heat pump on the pool blew out cold air. After building the pool I found out that converting the discarded heat from the air conditioner into heat for the pool is very doable and a logical option. Why everyone in climates like Canada does not do this is beyond me – maybe it is because no one advertises it? Next time!

                         Energy Ball1.jpg