All through my life I have commuted and every time it was the same – drive. Even in the UK, I drove 30 minutes each day to get to the office. My other type of commute was to the airport.

When we moved to Tokyo I continued the airport commuting but added a “first ever” – a walk. I was a 10-15 minute walk to our offices. It was very odd to get use to as it lead to different work behaviours and a little bit of getting accustomed to. For example, as I do a lot of global calls I would often be on the phone at 6AM in the morning and see it trail through the morning with the oddity of having to figure out how to get into the office for a meeting – only 15 minutes away.

This week we moved to a new office and for the first time, I am a commuter. 10 minutes to the train, 20 minutes on the train (with a changeover), 10 minute walk to the office. The first couple days were confusing, although the Metro subway app really helps and I am not into a “rhythm”.

Part of that rhythm is thinking about the time on the train. With train switching between short rides and walking, reading isn’t working so I have lit up my old friend, Audible. My first book is humorous for a Pulitzer prize winning author: Manhood for Amateurs.

As for the Tokyo subway, I will bring my camera along once I settle in a bit more. Too much going on. But I did snap this with my iPhone: a) she looks very young and b) interesting demographic target for whiskey. (Seriously: who puts whiskey in lemonade?) I am sure I will see many different things in the months to come.


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