Our 3rd day included the Monkey Park (previous posts) and a boat ride down the Katsura River which runs below it. Across the river is a famous bridge that people like to photograph, the Togetsukyo or “Moon Crossing bridge”. It provides beautiful views of the river and mountain.

2013 06 17 Togetsukyo _

It was very bright and hot that day.

2013 06 17 Togetsukyo _-9

At the base of the mountain (right outside the gates of the Monkey Park) are many boats. The covered boats are moved up and down the river by the boatmen using long bamboo poles.

2013 06 18 Katsura river _-19

It was a very tranquil setting until a boat slid up beside us, engines blaring and food steaming.

2013 06 18 Katsura river _-20

It all seemed to fit right in. Grilled octopus and squid, cold beer and other Japanese delicacies at your finger tips.

2013 06 18 Katsura river _-21

2013 06 18 Katsura river _-22

I would imagine this is the most amazing of boat trips in the fall, when the entire mountain is coloured red and orange. I think we will need to go back.

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