Put this one in the “Japan contradiction” column. In a society which is very rules orientated, Costco is an interesting anomaly.

In Canada, the opening time is 9am or 10am (If I remember correctly) and they are pretty regimented about that time. They do not open a minute early. Very rules orientated.

In Japan, the opening time is fluid. While the official opening time is 10am, this Saturday it was opened before 9. Depends on when they have finished loading the shelves and the length of the queue out front.

One of those “scratch your head” ones and as an aside, I think it is great.

4 thoughts on “JAPAN COSTCO

  1. Huh. I never tried to get to Costco Japan before the official opening time, but it doesn’t surprise me, with how very American the inside of a Costco is, that they don’t follow the standard Japanese adherence to schedules when it comes to opening time. Costco in the states is good, but nothing compared to how wonderful it is to go to Costco when you’re an American living in Japan.

    • But that is my point. When have you ever, at any Costco in North America, seen it open early? NEVER. It opens the second the clock hits the hour. Costco is a very regimented organization, they are not some loose organization where managers inside are given the opportunity to innovate. Every Costco has a standard layout, and I would wager similar operating procedures, etc.

      Which is why it is so odd. It is very un-Costco like. It is very un-Japanese. A truly interesting contradiction … which to me is the essence of Japan; A land of contradictions.

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