I came across a suggestion that the Edo Open Air Architectural Museum was a worthwhile tourist destination. In retrospect, I would say it was “5/10” and better enjoyed if you can enjoy the park around the museum. It is a beautiful park.

The museum is filled with buildings from around around Japan, primarily from this century. A couple impressions; the houses have always been small and the doorways low. What Japan considers a big house is definitely different than North America. This is probably due to the fact that roughly 20% of Japan is habitable with the population crammed into 8% of the island’s landmass.

A few (non-HDR) photos. Prior to entering we grabbed lunch at the little restaurant in the park. This is Japanese “fast-food”, it was fantastic. I love Japan’s food.

2012 11 24 Open Air museum_-100

The museum entrance.

2012 11 24 Open Air museum_-11

It is December, and flowers are still blooming. No snow (smile).

2012 11 24 Open Air museum_-14

The had moved the studio of a photographer. Outside were a number of his family portraits. This one caught my eye.

2012 11 24 Open Air museum_-16

An old bus in Japan, looks like an old bus from everywhere else.

2012 11 24 Open Air museum_-17

This opulent home was donated by the super wealthy Mitsui family, built in 1897. I would guess it at under 2,000 square feet.

2012 11 24 Open Air museum_-22

I don’t think that I could sleep in this guest bed.

2012 11 24 Open Air museum_-25

2012 11 24 Open Air museum_-27

A farm house had an operating oven where they were making rice cakes. The interesting thing was that this particular house did not seem to have a ventilation system. I looked at the other old farmhouses and they had a chimney or open top to let out the smoke – it was very smoky as a roof that think isn’t letting the smoke out.

2012 11 24 Open Air museum_-31

2012 11 24 Open Air museum_-30

The Japanese stored their wheat off the ground to keep it dry and keep pests out. Smart.

2012 11 24 Open Air museum_-34

I happened by 5 photographers with their tripods set up. They were shooting this tree.

2012 11 24 Open Air museum_-43

The fall colors were in full bloom.

2012 11 24 Open Air museum_-47

2012 11 24 Open Air museum_-54

2012 11 24 Open Air museum_-56

They also have a “street” set up with shops, and of course, a subway car.

2012 11 24 Open Air museum_-58

2012 11 24 Open Air museum_-61

2012 11 24 Open Air museum_-66

They also moved a 1929 era public bathhouse.

2012 11 24 Open Air museum_-71

2012 11 24 Open Air museum_-76

I could not believe it, a cosmo in late November.

2012 11 24 Open Air museum_-80

And of course, a shrine. Jisho-in Mausoleum (Otama-ya) was constructed for princess Chiyo, wife of the Owari lord Tokugawa, to hold a service for her mother Ofuri-no-kata, wife of the third shogun, Iemitsu Tokugawa (1652).

2012 11 24 Open Air museum_-3

One thing I will hand to the museum, they have done a fantastic job of providing an English hand-out so that you can actually learn as you walk (which is missing in many places in Japan).

A good afternoon walk.

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