After moving around the different food halls we decided to buy lunch and head to one of the rooftops. As you can imagine, there was wide choice.

I love eel. This eel is cooked right in front of you, in a small kitchen over a charcoal stove.

2012 10 14 Ginza foodhall_-69

Pricey but delicious.

2012 10 14 Ginza foodhall_-70

I also decided on sushi. I find the Japanese tradition of asking you to put your money or credit card in a tray (instead of handing it to the clerk) interesting.

2012 10 14 Ginza foodhall_-73

The tempura was a disappointing choice. I think that it needs to come straight out of the deep fryer and onto your plate, when it is cold it isn’t as good.

2012 10 14 Ginza foodhall_-79

As you would expect, the rooftop dining area is a nice open space with a shrine.

2012 10 14 Ginza foodhall_-85

A serene escape in the heart of the city. As I understand it, most of the large departments stores have this open area .. just go to the top.

2012 10 14 Ginza foodhall_-83

We then popped downstairs to buy a few things for home, starting with honey. More honey types than you can imagine.

2012 10 14 Ginza foodhall_-87

A few sweets.

2012 10 14 Ginza foodhall_-88

2012 10 14 Ginza foodhall_-90

And a fantastic rice drink in a host of flavours which is supposed to be good for digestion. I bought a few, with the ginger being my favourite.

2012 10 14 Ginza foodhall_-95

And I finally figured out what a $20 bag of grapes is for – a hostess/host gift when you go to someone’s house.

2012 10 14 Ginza foodhall_-96

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