The best way to get a laugh out of a Japanese person in August:

Japanese person: “Oh, you just moved here. So sorry, it is SO hot in Tokyo in August, so sorry”

Response: “I love the heat. I think it is fantastic”

Japanese person: Bursts out laughing and stares at you in disbelief asking “really? really?” (You can see in their eyes that they think you might be crazy)

No matter where I have lived, people love to talk about the weather. In the UK whinging about the weather is a national pastime and fine art (For the record; I thought UK weather was fantastic – around London. Scotland, Wales – not so much). In Canada, people do the same as the Japanese in the summer, complaining about the heat until the snow arrives, then they complain about how cold it is.

Tokyo in August, I don’t know what the fuss is about. We walked to a restaurant on Wednesday night and it was glorious. 26 degrees, a small breeze and people everywhere.

If I never see snow again, I will be a happy camper. Bring on the heat.

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