Our boys have spend many, many hours complaining about the internet speed at our house in Canada – downside of living right beside a golf course. I don’t blame them. We had a “6MB” link and were lucky to get 600kb down on a good day and 150kb up. I know, it could have been worse – I could have been on Xplornet.

Not anymore. High definition video conference while watching IPTV while streaming music, talking on Vonage, watching a Netflix video and running 3 XBOX live sessions at the same time anyone?



And this was a wireless signal over a TP-link pocket router. Wait till my network kit arrives.

3 thoughts on “GOODBYE 600kb

  1. Dare I say you left the UK just before our broadband started to catch up … Like many families we now enjoy 100Mb down and 10Mb up making all sorts of things possible all at the same time: me to work really effectively from home (avoiding the Olympic traffic and their private lanes which you are fined £130 for entering!), whilst my six year old explores all that the BBC has to offer via cBeebies on line, and my wife is stays in touch with all of her school teacher friends via Facebook who have gone back to NewZealand, S Africa and US (after teaching in London). Am now sofa surfing two to watch two sports at the same time (2nd via tablet) for fear of missing something like Phelps winning yet another Gold (#16).

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