Part of the experience is that you must get to Sushdai and try the Sushi. We made our way over there and sure enough, there was a line up around the block and it was already getting very hot so we nixed the idea. I did take a photo though. If you are in the front half of the line (seen here), they are nice enough to hand out water to cool you off. You can see the start of the 2nd half of the line on the right … near the road, at least 1.5 hour wait.

2012 07 29 Tsukiji Fish Market_-87

The area all around the market is lined with stalls. We spent time wandering around and just looking.

2012 07 29 Tsukiji Fish Market_-54

I cannot wait to come back here and shop, so many eye catching delicacies to try and simply so different that the local IGA.

2012 07 29 Tsukiji Fish Market_-64

2012 07 29 Tsukiji Fish Market_-61

Ah, snails.

2012 07 29 Tsukiji Fish Market_-60

Small shrines are scattered around.

2012 07 29 Tsukiji Fish Market_-72

In the end, I was the only one who was hungry so I had tempura shrimp in a beef broth with noodles at this shop. I stood by the road, eating off of a stack of boxes that served as their overflow seating. It was very busy and very, very good.

2012 07 29 Tsukiji Fish Market_-92

It was the perfect way to finish off the visit to the market.

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