I wish I was in Vegas, CES is on and the cool stories are coming out. Gadget nirvana.

·         Check out the new Windows Home Server here. Finally, a central simple server to manage files and back-ups. Engadget had their hands on it here.

·         Interesting articles on the new XBOX 360V2 here (With HDMI support! Time for a new TV).

·         Microsoft announced the XBOX 360 as a set top box for IPTV here. Engadget did a great job of grabbing pictures of the interface here.

·         Apple’s iPhone is quite the device. Good work Apple. Interesting write-up on the iPhone versus the LG phone which looks very similar. The Cisco lawsuit is amusing. But I wonder about the keyboard. I have had the touchscreen on a Pocket PC forever, and if you are older than 9, your fingers are too big. From Gizmodo:

Keyboard: The softkey, on screen buttons are small. Think index finger, not thumb. Maybe I wasn’t doing it right. The keys pop up when I put my finger down on the keys, but do you think the proximity sensor knows when I get close (but before I touch), and if I hover with my digit, it’ll blow up the keys so they’re easier to hit? (Am I making sense?)

·         Warner has brought out a hybrid HD-DVD/Blu-Ray DVD. This is  one way to deal with the ridiculous HD-DVD / Blue-Ray fiasco which is a repeat of the VHS – Betamax ways of decades ago but while the consumer gets both versions, it will come at a premium as royalties will be paid to both parties. Hybrid players were also announced like this one from LiteOn. Personally, I am holding off the whole thing.

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