It is that time of year where we listen to Christmas music pretty much 7/24 and love it. My favourite Christmas albums in no particular order:

1.       Barenaked Holidays:  It takes a few plays to fall in love with this rendition of Christmas music (the heavy use of the organ took a bit to warm to), but in the end it sticks. A great album with a mix of heart warming songs (Green Christmas) and fun Christmas songs (Elf’s Lament .. listen to the words carefully).

2.       When my Heart Finds Christmas, Harry Connick Jr:  This is Harry’s first Christmas album from 1993, made during the height of his popularity. Great album. I am not as big a fan of his second album Harry for the Holidays which seems forced, as he tried to take traditional songs and make them too unique.

3.       A Very Special Christmas 3:  These albums (There are 5) have contemporary artists sing Christmas songs. Think of these as compilation albums like Now! Christmas albums. What makes this album particularly great is Sting’s rendition of Three Ships. I could listen to that song over and over.

4.       Bruce Cockburn Christmas: Yes, turning in his rocket launcher for a wooden chair and mittens, Bruce belts out an amazing album filled with traditional Christmas songs. A beautiful album.

5.       White Christmas: What Christmas is complete without Bing? While I type this I am singing Mele Kalikimaka in my head.

6.       Great White North, Bob and Doug Mackenzie: I know, this only has one Christmas song on it, the 12 days of Christmas (where they only get through 6 days). But, this album has special memories for me. I remember getting it the Christmas of 1981 (I was 13) and listening to this album with my brother over, and over, and over, and over. My boys can sing it by heart, although having them sing it during the intermission of the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular was a little embarrassing for some.

I love Christmas. Let the music fill the home with good cheer! Merry Christmas!

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