The story of Aleksey Vayner is a very interesting one. From the Wikipedia entry on him (Ouch .. take a minute to read it):

Aleksey Vayner (born Aleksey Garber) is an Uzbekistan-born student at Yale University, known for having sent a résumé to UBS AG that included the URL for an inadvertently comical[1][2][3] online video[4], titled “Impossible is Nothing”. In the video, Vayner discusses his philosophy of success, shows off his physical prowess, and dances with a lightly-clad woman.Since their circulation began in October 2006, the résumé and video have been discussed on the web, television, and in print media world-wide. The story first broke widely on the Ivy League blog IvyGate, and was picked up my many mainstream outlets, including the New York Times[5], Metro paper[6], on Fox News[7], New York Post[8], The Sun[9], Daily Mail[1], MarketWatch[10], U.S. News and World Report[11], The New Yorker[12], and other global media.[13]

Well, one thing is for sure, Aleksey has gotten attention and will probably get a big fat check. Candidly, he deserves it. This is quite a breach of privacy. You can watch Aleksy and his lawyer talk about it here. Funny thing is, a few of the things that he says in the video are true (If you can get a view past his ego).

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