This story is a little late in coming, but it is never too late to support the cause. Here is the note I received from a friend:

I am emailing to encourage you to sign an online petition calling on the Prime Minister to offer a State Funeral to the family of the last veteran of the First World War resident in Canada. Only three Canadian veterans of the First World War remain. They are 106 and 105 years of age.

To sign the online petition visit<mhtml:{F75DBE30-B540-4834-AB2C-011597F4545A}mid://00000000/!x-usc:>

For more information on the campaign for a State Funeral for the last Great War veteran visit<mhtml:{F75DBE30-B540-4834-AB2C-011597F4545A}mid://00000000/!x-usc:>

Please forward this message on to friends and family!

The government constantly amazes me. We will blow billions on stupid projects that accomplish nothing (If you ever wonder about that, simply buy a Reader’s Digest and read ‘That’s Outrageous’), yet we will not stand up as a nation and honor the men and women who gave us the freedom we enjoy today with a simple funeral.

This marks an end to an era. Shame on us!


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