passive participation

I was working in the garage this weekend, aptly called ‘Close out the pool deck and clean the garage Saturday’ when I noticed something funny. The neighbor had  a bobcat and workmen over doing yard work (Probably cleaning up his weed infested disaster called a backyard).

The worker was loading the bobcat onto a trailer and this guy was watching very intently, in his own work clothes and gloves, not actually doing anything, but poised to break in and do something should it be required. The bobcat loaded, the worker moved to the front and started chaining the machine down. The neighbour mounts the trailer and stands right behind the worker as he fixes the chains into place .. again, poised to do something should the need arise, but never actually doing anything.

I found this very interesting and deemed it ‘Passive Participation’. Truly, a male trait that is deeply embedded in our genes. The need to watch workmen ply their trade at or around our house. It must be a genetic thing. We have all done it and I found the thoughts quite amusing as I broke down recycling. I had a good laugh about the neighbor’s actions.

An hour later, the Bell Expressvu guy showed up. All of my work stopped, instincts kicked in and I engaged. Later realizing that my standing over him as he drove the cable through the wall was in fact a mirror image of the neighbour. While Narda’s comments of ‘You know, if he needs you he will call you’ were accurate, I just shook my head.

After all, this is a Machiavellian type of base level need … survival instincts at the DNA level. Sorry, I cannot go back into the garage to continue the clean up work.

I need to stay here. I might be needed.

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